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Can of Paint

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Desperately Seeking a Better Lawn

After all but ignoring our lawn for a couple of years to avoid the potential effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, we have finally decided to get proactive – organically. A bit of perusing revealed a great organization with parrallel … Continue reading

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Ponds versus Environmental Site Design (ESD) or Low Impact Development (LID) Measures – Life or Death

One of the many, many issues associated with the decision to design smaller, shallower ESD / LID measures in lieu of traditionally larger detention, extended detention, or retention ponds is safety. The most horrible thought is that of a child’s … Continue reading

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Rain Barrels

A post recently on the Yahoo Bioretention Group by Rick Stanford included a bunch of Rain Barrel sources: ” The Internet is full of design suggestions for rain barrels that are different from the typical blue plastic barrel. For instance, … Continue reading

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Stormwater Magazine Article – The Messy Business of Maintaining BMPs

“The big problem, though, is that homeowners’ associations, private businesses, and private property owners are often unprepared to maintain their stormwater BMPs. It’s not that they don’t want to keep the devices running well; they just don’t know how. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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