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Maintenance Obligations

Many owners or property managers wonder what their maintenance responsibilities are and how they can be enforced by the regulatory authorities.  We happened upon this maintenance agreement on EPA’s website that is a “typical” maintenance agreement.  These agreements usually run … Continue reading

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Clogged Pipe – Part 1

These inflow pipes always have water backed up into them which, in this case, made them an ideal location for a pretty aggressive tree. A swamp willow’s roots started growing inside the pipe, and even though the tree was cut … Continue reading

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FRONTLINE: poisoned waters | PBS

A definite eye-opener, worth the time to view. FRONTLINE: poisoned waters | PBS.

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Every year, Puget Sound suffers an oil spill equal to more than half an Exxon Valdez. It just happens drop by drop.

Amazing statement.  Read it here: via Local News | Stormwater’s damage to Puget Sound huge, report says | Seattle Times Newspaper.

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SWM Facility Embankment Repair – Barrel Relining

One of the exciting aspects of working in stormwater is coming up with unique ways to solve repair problems. At this site, the existing outfall pipe was corroding causing water to erode the soil along the outside of the pipe, … Continue reading

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