Top 10 Blog Stats for 2014

1. Sustainable Stormwater Management had about 23,000 visitors in 2014.

2. Our visitors came from 134 countries.

3. The most viewed blog post this year that was written in 2014 was entitled, “Environmental Site Design Workshop at The Engineer’s Club.”

4. However this post, written in 2009, had the most views this year: “Stormwater 101: Detention and Retention Basins.”

5. The majority of readers found our blog using a search engine.

6. The most popular blog post category was “stormwater management.”

7. In 2014, Sustainable Stormwater was mentioned twice in the EPA blog, Greenversations.

img_47458. Even though we do not have a Pinterest page, a few pictures from our blog have been pinned by readers.




9. A Reddit user described our blog as “interesting.”

10. This image had more clicks than any other in 2014.


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