About Us

Stormwater.   It’s What we do.

Not a blog by folks who just “are interested”.  We do stormwater every day.

The purpose of this blog is to share our knowledge of stormwater management from the perspectives of: design, maintenance, repair, and construction. And some other cool stuff that strikes our fancy.

Stormwater – that is, runoff from rainfall or snowmelt is – to us – about the coolest thing going. Dynamic. Chaotic. Supporting stream systems, which are the lifeblood of the aquatic and terrestrial environments.

The fact that land has been (and is being) changed by humanity means that the natural flows and rhythms of nature have been interrupted and that significant natural forces must adjust to compensate. The art and science of stormwater management is about trying our best to help these significant natural forces adjust to what we are doing or have done to the land. This is done in the way that changes to the land surface are designed, how they are constructed, and how the drainage systems are maintained and repaired.

That is what we do, and that is what this blog is about.

Our perspective:

  • We are a boutique design studio that includes a focus on stormwater management design that is integrated into site design – a more contemporary style of design. Call it Integrated SWM, Low Impact Development (LID), Sustainable Site Design, Environmental Site Design (ESD),Conservation Design…. whatever your preferred name may be – it is about designing sites to minimize the impact on the natural environment with small scale stormwater practices.  This approach is not new to us.  We know when it makes sense, and when it does not.
  • We are small. We believe that smaller is better.  We believe we can do better design by being exclusive. There are clients who see the value of excellence and sustainability. Those are our clients. It helps that we are not a culture of greed. To accomplish this, we choose our clients and projects selectively.
  • We are green. We compost. We recycle. But we do not brag about what it is that we do nor do we tell others what they should do.
  • We find ourselves in a suburban world that is in need of repair – and we try to do our part. We wish we could not use our cars as much but our public transportation system sucks.
  • We  are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED ) Accredited Professionals. We are licensed Professional Engineers, Landscape Architects, and other non-licensed, albeit most excellent, practitioners.
  • We are not necessarily front-line advocates, as many others may be. We prefer to make – and take action – quite often behind the scenes – in lieu of evangelizing.  We apply what we are and what we know to be the practice of Stormwater Management. We are doers. We are positive.
  • To this end, we design, maintain, and construct real life projects, making them as sustainable as we can within the individual project constraints – knowing that there are limits to what we can do on a given project. We do this in a real design and construction production environment, not in a bubble of a research center or “what-if” projects.
  • We are accomplished public speakers and speak for good causes to a relatively narrow audience – primarily the green building, site design, land development, and property management communities.
  • Knowing a great stormwater management design can be damaging to the environment if it is not constructed correctly, routinely maintained, and repaired when needed, we have also brought a talented group of construction professionals into our organization. We provide inspections, routine maintenance, repairs, and construction services on stormwater management systems throughout the Mid-Atlantic.
  • We are directly responsible for the care and feeding (inspection, maintenance, and repair) of well over 500 stormwater management facilities in six states.

This is what we do…. and it is the perspective of this blog.

See more about our design company here and more about our maintenance and construction firm here.


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  1. MeaxySaxJep says:

    Interesting writing,, Will come back soon=)

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