Product Review: The Snout

Municipal Cover Proof (1)Our vac truck and hard working crew were recently featured on the cover in the January 2015 issue of The Municipal about the Snout.  And our president, Jennifer Rauhofer, PE, was quoted in the companion article.  Invented by T.J. Mullen, president of co-founder of Best Management Products, Inc., the purpose of this device is to remove pollutants out of stormwater.

When it rains, water that runs off of impervious surfaces such as roads and parking lots contains trash and other pollutants.  While there is an effort to minimize littering in many communities, pollutants that cause a decrease in water quality consistently end up getting into drainage systems and, therefore, into our waterways and the oceans.  The Snout is designed to keep oil and trash on the surface of the water, while heavy sediment sinks to the bottom, letting only clean water through the middle.

This video below shows how the Snout works:

Stormwater Maintenance & Consulting has inspected and maintained many Snouts throughout the Mid-Atlantic.  It’s simplicity and effectiveness make it one of our favorite BMPs.

We give the Snout 5 stars!


The Snout hard at work in one of our underground facilities


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