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Stormwater 101: Detention and Retention Basins

A common conventional method for managing stormwater is a stormwater basin.  Basins are meant to collect stormwater and slowly release it at a controlled rate so that downstream areas are not flooded or eroded.   While effective for flood control, these … Continue reading

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Water in the Southwest

After visiting the Scottsdale area recently, we were struck by the incredible development and population in an area that has very little water.  Irrigated golf courses everywhere?  Really?  While we’re sure it has been considered a marvel of engineering and … Continue reading

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Clogged Pipe – Part 2

We returned to the site to finish unclogging this pipe.  See Part 1 here. This time we brought a tool to pull out the roots.  The equipment we had with us also prepared us to remove the pipe if needed. … Continue reading

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