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Stormwater Maintenance Design Mistakes – Underground Detention

Being responsible for the care and feeding (ie, inspection/maintenance) of well over 500 existing stormwater management facilities in 6 states, we do see quite a few designs that did not appropriately consider maintenance.  What follows is an example we recently … Continue reading


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Bioretention Facility Gasps for Sunlight!

In the continuing Mid-Atlantic snow storage story, this time our intrepid reporter locates a sad bioretention facility struggling to find the springtime sun from beneath the snow dumped into its storage area…

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Alternative uses for Stormwater Management Facilities

Here in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, a popular alternative use for stormwater management facilities is snow storage.  A sure sign of the need for Springtime! Luckily, this fence survived.  Many have not faired so well: Note to Property Managers:  Make … Continue reading

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Low Flow Elmo … Too Hot for Sesame Street

We see a lot of strange things stuck in pipes and occasionally come across animals inside of structures during maintenance and inspection visits.  As you would imagine, it’s always a little un-nerving looking into a structure and seeing a set … Continue reading

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Smart way to improve water quality!

Blue Water Baltimore is the new name for the merger of the Jones Falls Watershed Association, Herring Run Watershed Association, Gwynns Falls Watershed Association, Baltimore Harbor Watershed Association and Baltimore Harbor WATERKEEPER.  The website states that “Blue Water Baltimore’s purpose … Continue reading

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