Welcome to the first blog on stormwater management…. or at least the first one we know about.

Among the things that may end up here are:

  • Interesting stuff about stormwater management (SWM) that strikes our fancy
  • Technical stuff (read: Engineering) that may bore the hell out of those who are not deeply into site and stormwater management design
  • Some good stuff for those just starting out with SWM design or who wish to know more
  • ID of the many types of SWM facilities
  • Thoughts on maintenance, repair, and construction of SWM
  • Thoughts on Landscape Architecture as related to SWM design
  • Thoughts on Land Planning as related to SWM Design
  • Thoughts on Sustainable Development as related to SWM design
  • Info on proprietary BMP’s
  • Cool stuff we are doing in the Applied Stormwater Studio
  • Streams – where it all ends up – the coolest part… especially restoration
  • Whatever else strikes our fancy.

Questions, comments, and suggestions should be directed to tes [at] mdswm[dot]com


About stormwater

See our main site at mdswm.com.
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