Living in the past

I spent last year traveling the entire United States (doing workshops on environmentally sensitive “Low Impact Development” stormwater management design), so I think I have some idea of the state of stormwater management in this country. I understand that some regions are ahead of others, when it comes to protecting the environment.

But when I hear about folks that are “outraged” by being fined for having no erosion and sediment control – and stating that it is “only dirt and mud”- I am simply amazed.

Latest one I’ve seen in Tennessee:

Some comments on the situation here:

Maybe it’s my perspective – living in an area where we’ve had sediment control for nearly 30 years….. but I find the ignorance and gall of these folks to be rather despicable. If a developer can not understand and respect the fact that having tons of sediment running into streams is a bad thing…. then they should find another business to get into – that does not involve changing the surface of the planet.

In this writer’s opinion, such a developer is not qualified to do business that disturbs the land – it is 2007 – NOT 1967. Wake up.

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