Permeable Pavers

We’re doing research on permeable pavers for a project, some of the links we are finding after the jump:

Perm Paving




Other NC State technical info:


NCSU Permeable Pavers PPT, Videos and summary sheets


NCSU Permeable Pavers Checklist


NCSU Permeable Pavers Summary Sheet


NCSU Permeable Pavers Hydraulic Design


NCSU Permeable Pavers Structural Design


University of Washingtn longterm monitoring study:


Nice research for a specific project – LOTS of references and facts affecting specifying:


EPA Study circa 2000:


LID Center:


Some cool “Permapave” Solutions:


Permapave 1Perma 1 photo


Permapave 2


Permapave 2 photo


Links to us:  Design | Software | Maintenance & Repairs | Construction |


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6 Responses to Permeable Pavers

  1. Dahlia T. says:

    Thanks for the links. We’re doing similar research for a project we’re working on and I wonder if you’ve come across permeable paving solutions in your research that perform well on roadways, not just parking lots. Any info would be great.

  2. Great links! How generous of you to share them with us! I also really like the pictures and the diagrams!

    Thanks again,

  3. great sight….for my science class i needed to find a picture of permeable and the class loved it….i showed it on my smart

  4. Danielle says:

    I work for a company that offer permeable pavements derived from recycled tire material.. check out our website at 🙂

  5. mike says:

    Hi there . we are would leaders in the manufacture of resins for the pebble binding industry .we have the latest teh in the industry ready for the market place for info please contact us

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