Inspiring Guilt to Save the Earth

SWM Trash

So we have a contract to do Inspections and Maintenance for a major retailer, which sends us throughout the Northeastern US. We had an interesting one yesterday.

Seems another firm is advising our client, but the client wanted us to give another opinion. We were wondering what the deal was… why the need for a second opinion. Yesterday, we found out. Apparently the other firm was telling the store manager that they need to dispatch an employee to an offsite storm drain outfall EVERY DAY(!) to clean out trash. Every day. Can you say “Not Realistic?”

The above photo is from another site for another client – a gas station – that had not been maintained for years. The stormwater management system worked – it captured and held the pollutants. Routine maintenance two or three times a year is what is needed – NOT daily.

Now, we are very motivated to do the right thing for the environment. That is why we do what we do. But while we wish to help save the earth, we do not view ourselves as “Save The Earth” people. I have often wondered why. Maybe this is the difference…. we realize that there are logical limitations on what can be done… and that does not include being perfect or Inspiring Guilt.

It is unfortunate that this particular firm feels as though such an unrealistic approach is really warranted. But by doing so, they have damaged their relationship with their client AND – worse yet – they have sullied the notion of what it takes to routinely maintain stormwater management systems.

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