Wacko NIMBY Exaggerations

Much of the info we see on the regulation of stormwater management, especially on-lot  near point source efforts ( call it Environmental Site Design or Low Impact Development or Green Infrastructure, whats your pleasure?)  is positive and forward looking.   We know there is a certain level of backlash out there, but it does not get into the public eye (at least mine) too often.

Ran across this radical kneejerk reaction to some stormwater regulations in a township in Connecticut that includes “individual lots”.  This writer takes a classic big brother attitude (the man is getting us down, dude!) to claim the township will bully individual homeowners, preventing them from doing normal maintenance on their lots.  Yeah, Riiiight?  It seems clear by the article that the legislation is aimed where it should – at the development community that develops 5 acre or greater parcels….  just like the rest of the world.  However, this writer exhibits the exact attitude that got us where we are today, environmentally speaking.  Hopefully wackos like this will not hand it down to their children and the next generation can be a bit more effective at getting the hard work down.

OK, I feel better now…


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1 Response to Wacko NIMBY Exaggerations

  1. verplanck colvin says:

    I hate to blow this into a larger issue, but I really resent the conservative/Republican chant of the past 40 years: “Government is the problem, they can’t do it right. I mean, look at the DMV!”

    Thanks to the popularization of this thought, so many people spout this reaction to any regulation, regardless of what it does, and regardless of the person’s actual understanding of the reg.

    He even quotes the ‘out’ many homeowners have: The proposed storm water law defines “land development activity” as “any activity that requires review, approval and/or permitting” under the town’s land use laws. To me (reading that briefest of excerpts), it looks like maintenance is exempt.

    One last thought: I wonder if this fellow has read his deed and checked to see if he had any restrictions or easements on his property. Would he even know that for some people, they’re not legally entitled to do whatever they want on their land?

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