Lowe’s: Retail’s Stormwater Leader?

With a national commitment on stormwater for all of their operating stores, Lowe’s is emerging as the leader among major retailers. They are demonstrating over and over that there is value in doing the right thing.

Read about the latest here.

A few Snippets:

Anthony Iarrapino said planning for the Essex site “was emblematic of a new approach — to leave the watershed better than they found it.” Lowe’s says a “state-of-the-art stormwater treatment system” in Essex will “contribute a significant part in improving water quality in the Sunderland Brook watershed.”

“The Lowe’s settlement is a model for how development can go forward and not make the problem worse,” he said. “Lowe’s is a great example of a company stepping up, spending the money and doing the right thing.”


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