The Flocculants are coming!

Maryland just released their draft of a revised erosion and sediment control manual.  Included is the use of flocculants to control erosion and to treat for turbidity.  Turbidity has been pretty much ignored by mainstream sediment control, as it can not be controlled by traditional traps and filtering methods, especially in runoff from clayey soils.  Several other states have already included flocculants as a construction phase Best Management Practice (BMP).

We are ramping up to provide technical and design services, and products, related to flocculants throughout the Mid-Atlantic in the future.  Look for a new site,, as we get closer to going to market.

Steve and Seva Iwinski of Applied Polymer Systems, Inc. have done much groundbreaking work in this field and have been a great help.  We look forward to becoming a distributor of their products.  Steve has shared a pretty impressive video on flocculants.  Check it out:  On the left is bare soil that has been treated with flocculants.  The right is just bare soil.  The rainfall is a 10 inches per hour simulation.

More to come in the future about this exciting technology.


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