Environmental Site Design Wet Swale #2

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2 Responses to Environmental Site Design Wet Swale #2

  1. M Hicks says:

    Very interesting. Could you show or tell us about the overflow design – what does it discharge to and how did you create an overflow structure. Does each cell just fill up and sheet flow out or is there a linear flow from cell to cell? Also what HSG is the soil there ? (I’m in Georgia where red clay prevails)

  2. stormwater says:

    Each wet swale discharges to existing channels, which are linear drainage ditches constructed many years ago. The north (#1) outfall swale is Waters of the US, the south (#2) is non-tidal wetlands. There are no separate overflow structures or conveyances – all flow is through the wet swales. The soils are Cumberstone-Mattapex and Shadyoak-Elkton-Urban land complex, both of which are Hydrologic Soil Group C. These soils, combined with the low gradient of the site and existence of wetlands directly adjacent to the swales led us to believe that infiltration was not likely.

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