Alternative uses for Stormwater Management Facilities

Here in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, a popular alternative use for stormwater management facilities is snow storage.  A sure sign of the need for Springtime!

Stormwater facility snow storage

Luckily, this fence survived.  Many have not faired so well:

Snow Removal Damage

Note to Property Managers:  Make sure your snow removal contracts have you covered for this type of damage!


About stormwater

Theodore Scott is the Founder and Executive Vice President fo SMC, formerly Stormwater Maintenance & Consulting.
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2 Responses to Alternative uses for Stormwater Management Facilities

  1. verplanck says:

    do your state regs allow this? In VT, we are explicitly told that this is a no-no. Unsure of the actual effect that snow storage has on a detention facility, besides the state of the surrounding fences/landscaping.

  2. stormwater says:

    Nice to here input from way up north. Not enough snow in the Mid-Atlantic for regs to address.

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