Bioretention Illustrated is now available as a mobile app!

COPT 20120809 041One of Chesapeake Stormwater Network’s (CSN) many projects, Bioretention Illustrated, is a guide to inspecting bioretention facilities. Because this type of low-impact design practice is still new to some, CSN created a visual guide showing all the potential problems that an inspector should be trained to look for. Stormwater Maintenance and Consulting (SMC) is pleased to have been involved with its creation. The guide can be downloaded for free on the CSN website.

And now Bioretention Illustrated has been taken to the next level as an app for your mobile device.

Using web-based data collection software (in this case Fulcrum), an inspector can use this app like a checklist to collect data in the field by filling in the form on a smartphone or tablet. The app includes input of photos and GPS data. All the data will then be downloadable as a spreadsheet or as individual PDF reports.

The Bioretention Illustrated app can be found here.

photo 1


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  1. David Hymel says:

    Here is a green infrastructure clean water resource which is also an engineered combined sewer overflow reduction tool. Rolling rain gardens make a splash at the Port of Seattle.

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