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What’s the Problem with Groundhogs in Stormwater Facilities?

The purpose of stormwater ponds is to collect polluted stormwater that would otherwise flow into a natural body of water during an event of precipitation.  In order to do this correctly, there needs to be a stable embankment, or dam, … Continue reading

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Product Review: The Snout

Our vac truck and hard working crew were recently featured on the cover in the January 2015 issue of The Municipal about the Snout.  And our president, Jennifer Rauhofer, PE, was quoted in the companion article.  Invented by T.J. Mullen, president of … Continue reading

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[Infographic] How Can Water Conservation Benefit Your Business?

Water conservation in the workplace will help your business save money now and in the future.  Here are four many reasons use this valuable resource wisely.

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Top 10 Blog Stats for 2014

1. Sustainable Stormwater Management had about 23,000 visitors in 2014. 2. Our visitors came from 134 countries. 3. The most viewed blog post this year that was written in 2014 was entitled, “Environmental Site Design Workshop at The Engineer’s Club.” … Continue reading

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How to Use Social Media as a Quick Research Tool

People often log in to social media sites when they are, well, socializing.  We view our newsfeeds and update our statuses during our breaks at work or when we get off work.  But what about using social media at work … Continue reading

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Three Ways to Prevent Costly Soil Erosion Repairs on Your Property

Soil erosion from stormwater occurs when rainfall displaces and transports soil due the impact of raindrops or the flow of runoff.  Erosion always results in sedimentation, which occurs when runoff flow slows, allowing the loosened soil particles to settle.  Sedimentation … Continue reading

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