Waterkeepers move on MDE

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The Maryland Waterkeepers have petitioned the EPA to pull Maryland’s authority to administer the Clean Water Act.    This move is primarily about the NPDES discharge permits for industrial operations and other point sources. The second major action against Maryland in a year, this points out that the environmental and development (what’s left of it in this economy) communities have something in common: Frustration with the Maryland Department of the Environment. Hate to say it, as we certainly have friends at MDE – but maybe it is time for some real culture change…

Read all about it : http://www.baltimoresun.com/features/green/bal-md.gr.rivers07dec07,0,680887.story

This follows a vow from EPA to step up efforts on enforcement of water issues. See:  E.P.A. Vows Better Effort on Water (nytimes.com).

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