Cool Pond Remediation with a Waterfall Outfall

Construction of one of our designs has recently been completed.  This was the remediation of a farm pond to meet current dam safety regulations.  In lieu of a typical riser/barrel outfall, we chose to convey flows through a concrete weir and created stream channel outfall.  This reduced costs and improved aesthetics.  An open spillway and outfall channel is much easier (read: less expensive) to inspect, maintain, and repair than infrastructure that is underground.

Check the video:

On this design we worked closely with the owner, who is a heavy marine construction contractor, to incorporate several of his ideas.  Masonry was added to the weir to soften the industrial concrete motif.  Two kick-ass (technical term) waterfalls were incorporated into the outfall stream to make up the grade between the pond and existing stream.  Embankment slopes were kept very flat with rolling transitions that will ease maintenance of the groundcover.

All-in-all a very nice final product.

Got a pond that needs help?  We’ve got you covered.

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