Three Ways to Prevent Costly Soil Erosion Repairs on Your Property

Soil erosion from stormwater occurs when rainfall displaces and transports soil due the impact of raindrops or the flow of runoff.  Erosion always results in sedimentation, which occurs when runoff flow slows, allowing the loosened soil particles to settle.  Sedimentation negatively affects aquatic life, natural habitat, and can increase maintenance of stormwater infrastructure.  Upstream erosion and the resultant sedimentation in stormwater facilities results in increased costs of stormwater maintenance.  The following are three ways you can prevent erosion.

Early repairs8145503302_73f3a49d23_b

Regularly check the stormwater facility on your property for areas of soil erosion.  Small repairs can occur in conjunction with routine maintenance by qualified personnel, whereas larger repairs can cost thousands of dollars.  Being proactive with small erosion repairs will avert extensive erosion and more expensive repairs.


Vary slope mowing patterns

Make sure mowing crews mow in different directions to prevent rutting and eroding soil.


Armor flow paths8003406426_f0119a1aad_h

Protect the inflow path into your stormwater facility with appropriate riprap or other materials to prevent soil erosion.  This will help infiltrate the stormwater runoff if current soil conditions are not sufficient.

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